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Cirratum Productions
is a Michigan Company owned and operated by Dr. Jeffrey Carrier, a Marine Biologist who is an Emeritus Professor of Biology at Al
bion College (MI). Dr. Carrier has studied shark behavior for more than 35 years and has conducted his research in the tropical waters of south Florida for more than three decades. He has written and edited four books on sharks, more than 20 articles in the scientific literature, and numerous magazine articles for publications such as National Geographic Magazine and Florida Sportsman Magazine.

Carrier's shark research has been the subject of documentary films that have been produced for National Geographic Explorer, The Discovery Channel, National Geographic Society's Critterca
m Chronicles, Animal Planet, and Jack Hanna's Animal Adventures. More detailed information about Dr. Carrier's background may be found on Carrier's Personal Website.

Cirratum Productions provides a variety of educational and scientific services including wildlife photography and videography, magazine articles, public lectures, and consulting services related to the review and publication of scientific articles as well as articles written for a non-science readership.

The copyrighted images provided in the several galleries linked to this web site provide some examples of images that may be purchased as 8x10 or 11x14 prints, mounted on matboard. Other print sizes are available and other mounting options, such as double matboard or foamcore, are also available.

Many additional photographs are available in many other categories that are not displayed on the web site. Information regarding the content of the various image libraries and the additional prints not shown here is available by contacting
Cirratum Productions by e-mail at

Public lectures may be scheduled on a variety of topics ranging from various aspects of shark biology, reef ecology, and the Florida Everglades.


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